Monday, October 11, 2010

LG. Lousy gadgets

In my previous post I mentioned a LG super multi blue blu-ray burner. Its model is BH10LS30. Nice looking drive wasn't to expensive and would do the job.

Oh how wrong I was. I installed the drive had my Windows 7 Disc ready and opened it in booted up and asked it to boot from the disc. It plods along and gets to the GUI installer Then it stops loading from the drive and starts staying that it needs a driver to access the optical media. How the hell does that work. It just booted off the drive and then says it cant read it. I think "ok ill pop the driver disc that came with it in" 1st of all it reads the disc in the drive (so its using the device to find a driver to use the device) and the disc that came with the drive has no drivers on it at all, just software.

After some googleing I find other people with the issue and some blame windows, others blame LG. So i check the LS site and find it there. The support site that it links you to "" however claims the device does not exist and that there is no support for it. So I try the live chat. After not understanding my issue for 5 mins the guy tells me that it must be a fault with the Windows installer disc and to contact them.

After all this i found out that older versions of windows didn't have the issue with the drive. So i grab my Windows 7 Beta disc and use that. Installs and works. However the beta trial period has expired and it is in limited use mode. So i think maybe it will let me update to the new windows 7 disc and i can avoid the boot installation. First it installed the x86 version of windows and second it wont let you update form the beta anyway.

I think ill just use a USB dvd drive...

Building computers for friends

Caught up with a friend designed and built him a computer. So were planning out what he needs and what he likes and stuff. So we go down to MSY (local store) and buy all his shit. they guy serving us makes a mistake and we asked for Patriot viper 2 ram sticks. He gives us Patriot sector 7 ram sticks. One is worth about $170 and the other is worth about $260. So were happy about that. Anyway the run down is:

Core i7-950
Asus P6X58D-E
Asus Nvidia 465
6gb Patriot sector 7 ram
Noctua U12P-SE2
2 x 1TB seagate drives
Cooler master RC-922 HAF
Cooler master Extreme power 650
Arctic Silver 5
LG Super multi Blue drive. Model number is bh310ls30 (This thing deserves a post all of its own)

All in all I built him a system faster and better then my own. Good thing for me he will never know how to use it as well as I do.

It all went good and i got the basic installation completely done in less then a hour. Came back later that night and did the cable management and its clean as now. But yeah everything went smoothly.

Uni activity for Monday

Defiantly a "great" day. Go to uni find out that were doing a practical report in lesson. Thats fine, forgot my results from 3 weeks ago and cant remember the prac, not so fine. Do the whole thing on a laptop because i can. Uni wont let me print. just got better and better.

I come back later in the day, about 15 mins late for my class. My group is no where to be seen and have not emailed me or anything similar. Its great. So I leave and think about when were going to make this shit happen now.

Starting my blog

So here I am. I am going to start a blog about my daily journeys and what goes on in my life. I hope people enjoy and that they find my blog fun.