Monday, October 11, 2010

Building computers for friends

Caught up with a friend designed and built him a computer. So were planning out what he needs and what he likes and stuff. So we go down to MSY (local store) and buy all his shit. they guy serving us makes a mistake and we asked for Patriot viper 2 ram sticks. He gives us Patriot sector 7 ram sticks. One is worth about $170 and the other is worth about $260. So were happy about that. Anyway the run down is:

Core i7-950
Asus P6X58D-E
Asus Nvidia 465
6gb Patriot sector 7 ram
Noctua U12P-SE2
2 x 1TB seagate drives
Cooler master RC-922 HAF
Cooler master Extreme power 650
Arctic Silver 5
LG Super multi Blue drive. Model number is bh310ls30 (This thing deserves a post all of its own)

All in all I built him a system faster and better then my own. Good thing for me he will never know how to use it as well as I do.

It all went good and i got the basic installation completely done in less then a hour. Came back later that night and did the cable management and its clean as now. But yeah everything went smoothly.

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